Coffee Brewing Methods for Wholesale Clients

When you’re in the coffee wholesale business, it’s not just about delivering top-quality coffee beans; it’s also about helping your clients serve the perfect cup of coffee. To assist you in providing the best guidance to your wholesale clients, we’ve compiled a list of coffee brewing methods that can elevate their coffee game.

1. Drip Brewing

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Drip brewing is the go-to method for many coffee coffee distributors lovers due to its simplicity and consistency. Clients can use automatic coffee makers, which are efficient for brewing large quantities. Ensure they use the right coffee-to-water ratio for a balanced taste.

2. French Press

Keywords: French press, Coarse grind, Full-bodied

The French press is perfect for clients who appreciate a full-bodied and rich cup of coffee. Advise them to use coarsely ground coffee beans and steep for about four minutes for optimal results.

3. Pour-Over

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Pour-over coffee offers a more hands-on approach to brewing. Clients should use a pour-over cone, a gooseneck kettle, and a medium grind. Emphasize the importance of precise pouring and even extraction.

4. Espresso

Keywords: Espresso, Espresso machine, Concentrated

Espresso is the base for various coffee beverages. Clients with espresso machines should ensure they have freshly ground beans and a consistent tamping pressure for that perfect shot.

5. AeroPress

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AeroPress is a versatile method that’s quick and portable. Clients can experiment with different brewing times and grind sizes to achieve their desired flavor profile.

6. Cold Brew

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Cold brew is a popular choice, especially during warmer months. Clients can prepare large batches by steeping coffee grounds in cold water for an extended period. Suggest diluting the concentrate for a milder taste.

7. Single Serve Machines

Keywords: Single-serve, Convenience, Pods

For clients looking for convenience, single-serve machines using coffee pods or capsules are a viable option. They offer consistency and a variety of flavor options.

8. Turkish Coffee

Keywords: Turkish coffee, Fine grind, Cardamom

If your clients cater to a niche market, Turkish coffee might be a unique offering. Recommend using a very fine grind and adding cardamom for a traditional touch.


As a coffee wholesaler, providing guidance on various coffee brewing methods can set you apart from the competition. Understanding your clients’ needs and helping them make informed choices ensures that they can serve exceptional coffee to their customers. Whether it’s a classic drip brew or an adventurous Turkish coffee, offering a range of options will make your wholesale business indispensable in the world of coffee.

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