Growing Saffron Crocus

Everyone seems to be acquainted with Crocus, the harbinger of spring. However the Saffron Crocus is a fall-blooming species that yields an vital spice.

A flowery spice from an enthralling bulb

Saffron, the yellow spice, is obtained from the flowers of the Saffron Crocus, Crocus sativus. It is a vital spice for coloring and flavoring sure meals, and was additionally as soon as used as a dye. In actual fact, the genus title Crocus is from the Greek and means “saffron.”

Origin unknown

The genus Crocus is discovered primarily within the Mediterranean area, however ranges as far east as Afghanistan. The native house of Crocus sativus is unsure however is regarded as Asia Minor. It has been identified in cultivation for 1000’s of years and was even talked about within the Bible. Saffron Crocus is grown commercially in lots of elements of the world however the best high quality saffron online comes from southeastern Spain.

Blooms in fall

Usually, Crocuses may be divided into two teams: the winter and spring blooming species. Many individuals are acquainted with the spring-blooming sorts. Often the primary flowers to bloom in spring, they typically seem whereas snow remains to be on the bottom. Their arrival is warmly greeted after the lengthy chilly winter.

Saffron Crocus belongs to the fall-blooming group. The flowers and leaves start to seem on the similar time, normally round October. The grass-like leaves ultimately attain a size of 1-1 1/2 ft, however the 1 1/2-2 inch huge flowers rise barely greater than an inch above the bottom. The aromatic flowers are lavender or reddish-purple with spreading petals. The types have three lengthy blood-red, drooping, stigma lobes, from which the yellow saffron spice is harvested. The anthers are additionally vivid yellow however will not be a supply of the spice.

Uncommon Spice

Though not extensively used, Saffron is however a vital ingredient in sure dishes. Many Spanish dishes, specifically paella, require Saffron. Saffron can be utilized in bouillabaisse and to paint and taste rice.

The spice is obtained from the crimson stigma lobes of the flowers. They have to be harvested by hand and roughly 70,000 flowers are required to make one pound of the spice. It’s simple to see why Saffron is the costliest of all of the spices!

Via the 12 months with the Saffron Crocus

Develop it in a pot or windowbox, or within the backyard, the place it is going to be hardy solely within the south. Saffron requires full solar and blooms finest in areas with scorching summers.

Plant in July-August

Plant the corms as quickly as they are often obtained. Put them in a wealthy, sandy, well-draining soil combine. Use common potting soil with 25% additional sand added, or an equal combination of peat moss, sand, and perlite or pumice. Plant six to eight bulbs in a six-inch pot, three to 4 inches deep. Water completely, however not once more till the leaves seem. Place the pot in a heat sunny spot.

Blooms in September-November

Flowers and leaves start to seem September-November, relying on when the bulbs had been planted. Flowering continues for about 4 weeks. Water repeatedly and don’t permit the soil to develop into dry. A single utility of liquid fertilizer is normally all that’s wanted.

Inexperienced from December-April

Proceed watering repeatedly, however don’t let the soil develop into soggy or let the pot stand in water. The leaves will start to yellow and wither towards early spring and watering ought to be lowered.

Divide in Could-June

Raise and divide the corms a minimum of each two to 3 years and even yearly. Clear the corms and replant them instantly in recent soil. Place the pot in a scorching, sunny spot for the summer season and don’t water till the leaves seem once more within the fall.

Find out how to harvest Saffron

Decide the stigmas as quickly because the flowers open. Dry them instantly within the solar on newspaper or on screens over backside warmth. As quickly because the Saffron has dried, retailer it in an hermetic container out of the sunshine.

Plant Physician

Crocuses are hardly ever attacked by pests or ailments, but when grown open air, defend from birds and small animals.

No flowers. The crops have both not had sufficient solar, or haven’t been divided typically sufficient. Preserve the pot in a scorching sunny space in summer season.

The bulbs rot. The soil is both too heavy or stored too moist throughout the summer season dormant interval. Plant in a sandy, porous soil and maintain dry after the foliage withers.

Shopping for Suggestions

Saffron Crocus will normally must be ordered from a mail-order bulb nursery. Order and plant as early as potential.

Lifespan: Years, if divided often.

Season: Autumn.

Issue quotient: Not significantly simple.

In Transient

Dimension and progress charge

Perennial, deciduous cormous crops with 1-1 1/2 foot lengthy grassy leaves. New corms are shaped annually on prime of the previous ones.

Flowering and perfume

1 1/2-2 inch huge aromatic flowers develop near the bottom. They’re lavender or reddish-purple with yellow anthers and crimson stigma lobes which yield the Saffron spice.

Mild and temperature

Saffron Crocus want a large amount of heat to provide flowers, Place crops within the hottest, sunniest spot out there.

Watering and feeding

Water repeatedly throughout the rising season and scale back watering as foliage withers. Preserve dry in summer season. Little fertilizer is required; one utility at the start the rising season is enough.

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